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Commercial and Industrial Remediation1 Environmental Remediation, Demolition and Decontamination for MA and NH2 Federal Environmental Standards3 Environmental Remediation Educational Institutions4 Interior Demolition and cleanup5 Asbestos, PCB, Mold and Lead removal6
Omni Environmental - Recent Projects
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Spring Street – Building Renovation

This project involved the removal of over 80,000sf of asbestos glue daubs, removal of all air handlers and ductwork in the mechanical room and shafts with asbestos containing duct seam sealant in preparation for a new mechanical system for the building.

Peabody Essex Museum – Building Demolition

In Salem Massachusetts we removed over 2,200sf of asbestos containing plaster to gain access to asbestos waterproofing on the exterior wall. The waterproofing was removed using wet/vapor blasting under full containment.

Western Massachusetts Office Building – Mechanical Room Upgrade

Out in the western part of Massachusetts Omni performed asbestos abatement on the air handling equipment for a large office building. The asbestos insulation had started to deteriorate so Omni stepped in and safely removed 11,00sf of block duct insulation and 3,800lf of asbestos pipe insulation. All this work was performed without interruption to the existing building systems.

Wheaton College – Waste Water Treatment Plant Decommissioning

Omni assisted the College and their contractor with the removal of buried transite piping as well as the development of a Non-Traditional Work Plan (NTWP) for the removal and disposal of foundation waterproofing was that discovered during the early stages of demolition.

Wellesley Office Building Decommissioning

Working together with the building owners GC, Omni has recently started the abatement of a 3 story 45,000 square foot office building. Upon performing the required demolition survey, it was discovered that the joint compound in the walls and some of the floor mastic contained asbestos. Omni was brought onboard to remove the interior walls and abate the remaining asbestos containing floor tile & mastic.

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