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Omni Environmental is an environmental remediation and demolition company serving all of New England. We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive solutions custom tailored to the specific requirements of our commercial and industrial clients. We handle anything from small, highly specialized projects to complex large-scale undertakings. Our services include asbestos, PCB, mold and lead remediation, as well as interior demolition and cleanup. In compliance with all state and federal regulations, Omni Environmental is committed to putting safety first from start to finish.


Omni Environmental - NH Industrial Remediation
Industrial Services

Omni Environmental works with a variety of industrial clients in regards to full-service environmental remediation and demolition. Licensed in New England, we stand out from the rest thanks to our extremely experienced field staff who put safety first every time. Our clients range from manufacturing facilities and plants to warehouses and factories. We are proud to offer comprehensive mold, asbestos, lead and PCB remediation services along with interior demolition.

Omni Environmental - NH Commercial Asbestos Removal, Mold Remediation, PCB Removal Services
Commercial Services

From commercial buildings to educational institutions, Omni Environmental is your first choice in environmental remediation services for the commercial sector. Our experts are trained in all the latest regulations and standards to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. Safety is our #1 priority and we do all we can to provide remediation of regulated hazardous materials such as mold, lead, PCB and asbestos in a safe manner. From remediation and removal to demolition and cleanup, Omni Environmental gives you peace of mind.

Omni Environmental - NH Demolition and Decontamination Services
Demolition & Decontamination

Here at Omni Environmental, we go the extra mile to ensure we find, access and remove all regulated hazardous materials, from mold and asbestos to lead and PCB. We perform interior demolition as well as demo to access, leaving other areas of the building unaffected and ready for repairs. Walls, ceilings, flooring…nothing poses too much of a challenge. Decontamination involves comprehensive cleanup of the remediation process, leaving your business clean, safe and ready to occupy once again.

Dedicated to Excellence

When you choose Omni Environmental, you choose safety. Our team undergoes strict safety training on a regular basis to ensure we stay in compliance with local and federal regulations.

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